Bodega Beats was founded by a few friends who wanted a better, friendlier way to discover and share great music. We know how daunting and tedious looking for new music can be. We are in no way robots or computers; we are people just like you, on the look out for that fresh tune.

Every day we focus on finding and sharing quality artists, both rising and established, who don’t get the attention we feel they deserve. Together we want to create a community devoted to loving and sharing great music, without all the distractions and bias that you may find on a traditional music website.

Simply submit the tunes you already love and discover new ones you will fall in love with.



Want to submit a song? Or maybe collaborate with us? Or you just want to say hi! Do it right here, we'll get back to you quicker than you can pronounce Kürtőskalács

Terms Of Use

All tracks available on Bodega Beats are hosted and uploaded by artists on the SoundCloud platform. No file is hosted or uploaded by Bodega Beats. Every day, Bodega Beats gathers and selects tracks hosted on SoundCloud. Therefore SoundCloud’s terms of use apply to Bodega Beats. You can’t download tracks from Bodega Beats. We encourage everyone to buy the tracks they discovery on Bodega Beats to support the artist.